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Watch Movie Survivor (2015)

Watch Movie Online - The film opens in Kandahar Territory, Afghanistan at evening time where Johnny Talbot, the child of American Government office predominant Bill Talbot (Robert Forster), were in the operation against the Talibans. Then again, the helicopter conveying Johnny and Beam was hit by the rocket. Promptly, the Talibans caught them both. The following morning, Johnny was just being smoldered alive. 

Kate Abbott (Milla Jovovich) is a representative for the American International safe haven in London, who started working in the legislature after the greater part of her companions were executed in 9/11. Kate is managing Dr. Balan, presenting as Broad Expert however master for gasses, is applying a visa application. Then, the Watchmaker named Nash (Penetrate Brosnan) gets a dangerous powder - through covered up in a block - utilizing a cellular telephone as a trigger, then conveys it to the eatery.

Kate goes to Vicker's Pharmaceutical for Dr. Perry to solicit the freedom and reference from Dr. Balan yet she is not permitted unless approved in home office. Later in international safe haven, overseer Paul Anderson faces Kate for making unapproved request about Dr. Balan. Kate thanks his kindred representative Sam Parker (Dylan McDermott) for support her up.

Kate and her four representatives plan to commend the birthday of Bill Talbot in the eatery, however while they went to the eatery, Bill erases the five visa candidates utilizing Kate Abbott's record for what they did in his child, Johnny, in Afghanistan.

Kate and her four representatives land in the eatery. While Bill heading towards and Kate lefts the eatery to get a spur of the moment present for Bill, Nash enacts the bomb, slaughtering every last bit of her representatives, dishes proprietor - who wraps the present of him - and some bystanders. Kate ways to deal with the disaster area to check whether her representatives are alive. Nash approaches and going to shoot Kate however the gas tank blows on him - crippling him for some time. Kate goes on a keep running as Nash seeks after her until he acts guiltless if the police watches and authorities are in his region. In this manner, the authorities orders Kate as an obligation of shelling.

Kate meets Bill Talbot at the recreation center yet he tries to murder Kate, understanding that he is being coerced to let certain visa candidates through after terrorists kidnapped his child. The two interjects with the firearm to shoot and she incidentally shoots him. The close-by guests film Bill - kicking the bucket from his injuries - strolling towards the wellspring, and Kate holding his firearm. Bill passes on close to the wellspring. Right away, Nash touching base at the scene and Kate tries to shoot him yet its discharge and Kate goes on a run once more. Nash takes Charge Talbot's ID card - where the GPS chip covered up in the middle of those cards to use for following Kate's whereabouts.

Kate calls her companion, Lisa, to bring her necessities (counting cash) at St. Pancras train station after meeting. Dr. Balan introduces gas tank in a building for test, and utilizing rifleman rifle by Nash to blow the gas. The outcome is pulverizes a great part of the building floors. This plot is to be made in New York City on New Year.

Lisa heads out to St. Pancras train station however it is being trailed by Nash's men. While Nash chipping away at round ball explosive, Kate being situated on Nash's GPS and desires her. Kate and Lisa just met as Nash radios his men for Kate's vicinity. In the meantime, Sam, Reviewer Paul Anderson and his operators looking for Kate. After Kate takes necessities from Lisa, she makes keep running on it as Nash tries to bring her down once more. Kate enters the train metro and Controller Paul won't permit Sam to be with them to pursue her. Kate figured out how to surpassed from specialists by going into the lower piece of the metro. There, Nash discovers her and tosses a round ball projectile close to her. Permitting her to get away, Kate wounds him with a metal shard.

Kate sneaks inside Bill's condo to stow away however Sam is now there. Sam accepts that she didn't take care of the assault and he tells that Watchmaker Nash is the most needed professional killer on the planet. He understand that she is being followed and breaks her ID. Outside, Nash finds Kate is in the flat. While Nash is going to the room where Kate is, they found Bill's tape from Talibans containing his child's last words to him before he passed on. Sam calls his men yet nobody reacts on the grounds that the two in the auto are slaughtered by Nash. Acknowledging Nash is on their region, they figure out how to get out however the bomb set on the entryway blasts, evidently slaughtering Sam. Kate makes her keep running from Nash while she is being shoot. Nash acts blameless again as the police watches touch base at the scene.

Sally (Frances de la Visit) an international safe haven worker who attempts to track Kate after the occurrence - gets a call from Kate expressing that she will sneak into the consulate and persuades her that she is blameless on the assault. All together Kate to enter the consulate, Sally close down all the security cameras with the goal that she won't find by the operators. There, Kate access Dr. Balan's visa and finds the new terrorist assault is in New York City. She figures out how to make a fake visa as the marines attack the government office.

Kate lands in New York City utilizing fake travel permit as "Amy Harrison". Twenty-eight minutes prior to midnight, Dr. Balan funnel the gas into the Times Square Ball. After that, Kate takes after Dr. Balan to the building and she covers up as Nash arrives. At the roof of the building, Nash utilizing the marksman rifle to point the Times Square Ball, prepared to blow upon New Year begins. Alongside Dr. Balan, Nash cuts him in the neck, understanding that the estimated blast harm won't go far. Pretty much as Nash can pull the trigger, Kate foils from it and the battle between two results. Kate at last execute Nash by diverting from the rooftop upon the New Year begins. Quickly, the authorities arrives realizing that Kate halted the terrorist plot. Kate got the call from Sam, made due from the harm, expressing that his name was cleared.

An epilog expresses that since 9/11 assaults, the American Law Authorization has ceased a few terrorist assaults in the city alone.

Director: James McTeigue
Writer: Philip Shelby (screenplay)
Stars: Paddy Wallace, Parker Sawyers, Bashar Rahal
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