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Watch Movie Mortdecai (2015)

Watch Movie 21 - Sinopsis Mortdecai Movie (2015) : Master Charlie Mortdecai (Johnny Depp) is a flighty English craftsmanship merchant with a wavy mustache. He is at a clubhouse in Hong Kong meeting with a criminal named Tooth (Junix Inocian) to offer an uncommon vase. Mortdecai is going to gather the cash when Tooth advises him that amid their last exchange, Mortdecai sold him a bit of craftsmanship for $3 million when it was just worth $1 million. As payback, Tooth needs to gather one of Mortdecai's fingers. One of Tooth's men tries to carry out the occupation when Mortdecai's devoted servant/hooligan Muscle head (Paul Bettany) ventures in and beats the goon. A shootout results, driving Mortdecai and Athlete to escape.

Watch Movie Mortdecai (2015)

As of late, Mortedcai and his wife Johanna (Gwyneth Paltrow) have come into obligation. Subsequent to coming back to his home in London, Johanna sees the mustache her spouse has developed and she is absolutely rebuffed by it, choking at whatever point he kisses her (and making him choke accordingly as he has a thoughtful stifler reflex). She contemplates what they will do about their budgetary concerns. Here, we figure out the amount Mortdecai adores his wife, and he additionally specifies a touch about Muscle head, particularly the amount of sex he has and how its got him in boiling hot water (i.e., laying down with a rancher's little girl).

A lady named Bronwen (Norma Atallah) is taking a shot at an artistic creation by Goya when she is shot in the back with a bolt. After Bronwen terminates, a hoodlum swipes the canvas and abandons her home, when he is thumped out by yet another criminal.

Auditor Alistair Martland (Ewan McGregor) is put on the examination to recoup the painted creation. He visits Mortdecai to request his administrations. Martland has been infatuated with Johanna since their school years, and he harbors a slight grudge against Mortdecai subsequent to getting them dozing together. He educates Mortdecai and Johanna of the burglary, with their prime suspect being a criminal named Emil Strago (Jonny Pasvolsky), and he persuades Mortdecai to recuperate the canvas with Muscle head, to which they concede to the state of getting 10% in installment after they anticipate offering the artwork to an American merchant by the name of Milton Krampf.

Mortdecai first visits a workmanship fan named Sir Graham (Michael Culkin) to obtain some much needed education as to where the sketch may be. At that point he visits a craftsmanship bootlegger named Spinoza (Paul Whitehouse) in a carport. Spinoza has evidently additionally been cheated by Mortdecai before, as he furiously hollers and swears at the man. Emil shows up and shoots at the men. Spinoza is executed, while Mortdecai and Athlete take one of the autos and head out.

While her spouse is away, Johanna does a touch of exploring naturally.

She meets with a man known as The Duke (Michael Byrne), who educates her that the artwork was taken by a companion of his from the war. It probably has codes composed on the back that prompt the area of a concealed stash of Nazi gold.

Mortdecai discovers that the canvas was stashed in the auto that he was driving. A while later, he is hijacked by Russian hooligans working for a man named Romanov (Ulrich Thomsen). They need the artistic creation as well, and they undermine to shock Mortdecai's balls until mortdecai pushes one of the hooligans out the window alongside himself to escape with Athlete. Subsequent to coming back to London, Martland powers Mortdecai to go on ahead to America to meet with Milton Krampf.

Mortdecai and Muscle head land in Los Angeles where the previous meets Krampf (Jeff Goldblum) and his obviously nymphomaniac little girl Georgina (Olivia Munn). The painted creation has been chosen for an exhibition to be in plain view for a gathering later on. Athlete suggests that they sneak into the room where its being kept and swipe the work of art for themselves when no one is looking. Mortdecai likewise reaches Johanna and catches Martland in the room with her, reasoning she is unfaithful. He tries to persuade her he is staying in a bawdyhouse out of disdain.

On the night of the gathering, Mortdecai is almost lured by Georgina, until he is found hitting the dancefloor with her (and with his hand on her bosom) by Johanna, who has likewise appeared with Martland. Mortdecai leaves and goes to bring the depiction with Athlete.

They discover Krampf has been killed by Emil, who has caught the sketch. Martland and Johanna come in with Martland pointing a weapon at Emil. In any case, all things considered Georgina is in cahoots with Emil, and they are likewise significant others. They take the canvas and keep running for it, with the other four pursuing them. The lowlifess go to a motel and attempt to discover the codes with lighter liquid and a blowtorch. In the turmoil, Emil spills the liquid and lights it with the light close to a strategically located heap of petrol. Everyone keeps running as the motel room blasts, annihilating the canvas with it.

Johanna advises Mortdecai that this painted creation was a fake. The genuine one is with The Duke, which he really did advise her when he welcomed Johanna to take a gander at it in the lavatory (she pondered demonstrating her his penis). The couple come back to London to discover The Duke, just to discover that he has passed away. His widow does permit them to go to the restroom and locate the artwork.

The couple puts the depiction up for a bartering later that night, covered up as a fake under a well known painting claimed by Mortdecai. Tooth is educated of this and goes down to gather Mortdecai's finger. Romanov and his goons likewise appear to the bartering with Sir Graham. Mortdecai and Muscle head quell Romanov's goons before experiencing Tooth's goons. Those two almost take one of Muscle head's fingers rather, until Mortdecai takes a club and pounds them to spare his companion. Mortdecai hurries to the bartering, where Emil has been situated beside Johanna with a blade. Mortdecai arrives and makes a high offer until Romanov outbids him. The depiction is sold to him, giving Johanna a minute to pepper-shower Emil in the face, and he is caught via Martland.

We discover that Romanov acquired the wrong fake, and he chooses to have Sir Graham's balls. Martland acknowledges that he will never be with Johanna, and he abandons her be. Mortdecai has gathered some cash, yet the rest is paid off for assessments he skipped.

At last, Mortdecai and Johanna keep on adoring one another and stay loyal through thick and slim. He consents to at long last shave his mustache on the off chance that it will make her upbeat, in light of the fact that he would do anything for her. Johanna chooses to give it a chance to sit tight. She kisses him energetically, until minutes after the fact when she stiflers, constraining Mortdecai to go with the same pattern.

Director: David Koepp
Writers: Eric Aronson (screenplay), Kyril Bonfiglioli (novel)
Stars: Johnny Depp, Gwyneth Paltrow, Ewan McGregor | See full cast and crew »

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