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Watch Movie Hayride 2 (2015)

Watch Movie Hayride 2 (2015)Watch Movie Online - Still reeling from a murderous encounter with an unstoppable slasher known as "Pitchfork," the survivors must avoid the killer again while investigating his identity. This sequel to 2012's Hayride has plenty of terror and gore. Occurring in the quick result of the first, "Hayride 2" proceeds after a brief recap as survivors from the Alabama-set slasher recoup from shell stun in a haggard doctor's facility while the forcing and evidently indestructible serial executioner pulls a Hannibal Lecter and awakens the back of an emergency vehicle. Pitchfork (Bennett Wayne Dignitary Sr.) soon touches base at the clinic and threatens everybody once more.

Devotees of the first won't likely be baffled as the continuation offers business as usual. The feline and-mouse in the healing center is all that much an augmented repeat of the spooky house pursue in the first film. Obsolete and under repair, the healing facility makes one unpleasant setting.

There are unmistakable enhancements in the strategies of essayist executive Terron R. Parsons. Be that as it may, a percentage of the bothering plot gaps stay uncertain: Is there a reason Pitchfork demands detaining Amanda (Sherri Eakin) as opposed to offing her privilege on the spot as with others?

Despite the fact that "Hayride 2" hasn't demystified its unhinged executioner, say, the way "Wolf Brook 2" did, the anticipation is inadequate with regards to this time in light of the fact that the prey are no more careless. What made the first compelling was that most characters had released Pitchfork as fables and expected their possible killer to be somebody spruced up for Halloween.

Director: Terron R. Parsons
Writer: Terron R. Parsons
Stars: Sherri Eakin, Jeremy Sande, Jeremy Ivy | See full cast and crew »
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